Bothell Pediatric dentistry
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Policies and Procedures

Appointments - It is our daily goal to see that appointments begin on time. It may be beneficial for your child to arrive a few minutes early in order to have time to play and become comfortable being in the office.

Our practice is a specialty dental practice. Since we see only children and the majority of them are school age, it is not possible to give everyone appointments outside of the school schedule. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding of these limitations.

Failed Appointments and Late Cancellations - In order to allow us to provide treatment for those children who are in need, we request 48-hour notice if you must reschedule an appointment. Cancellations of less than 48 hours or failed appointments are subject to a missed appointment fee. Sudden illness and true emergencies will, of course, be exempt from these fees. Repeated instances may result in dismissal from the practice.

Fees and Payments - All treatment recommended by Dr. Yea will be outlined in a written treatment plan listing procedures and fees. This treatment plan will be reviewed and discussed with parents and/or guardians before any scheduling or treatment is done.

We ask that fees on accounts with no insurance coverage be paid at the time of service by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. Balances due after insurance benefits are applied should be paid upon receipt of statement. The need for special financial arrangements may be discussed, prior to treatment, upon request.

Insurance and Payment Procedures - Dental care for children is an important part of their total health program. We believe that caring for your child’s teeth should not become a financial burden for you. In the event that full payment is not possible at the time services are rendered, we have some payment methods that may assist you. If you have dental insurance, please be aware these plans vary greatly. We will gladly help you review your benefits.

We are happy to submit fees to any insurance company for our patients. We will also work with insurance companies to resolve problems on behalf of our patients. Ultimately all fees, regardless of insurance involvement, are the responsibility of the parents and/or guardians. We are Preferred Providers with only a few insurance plans.